Salsa Dancing in Gym Shoes

Exploring Cross-Cultural Missteps with Latinos in the Classroom











Helping teachers effectively navigate the open dance floor between themselves and their Latino students is the main objective of this work.  This book was designed to guide teachers - both pre-service and current teachers - through thoughtful experiences and personal essays that reveal new perspectives. 


Being able to share this book with teachers, administrators, schools and districts has been both an honor and the achievement of getting one step closer to closing the achievement gap for Latino students.


Tammy Oberg De La Garza and Alyson Lavigne have worked with teachers for a combined 30+ years. Tammy's long-term professional development project in a Chicago Public School was inspiration for her dissertation at the University of Illinois at Chicago, "Professional Development and Literacy Coaching:  A portrait of fostering teachers’ deep understanding."


If your school or district is interested in bringing the author(s) to help teachers explore and tailor ways to improve their Latino students' engagement and acheivement in the classroom, please contact Advanced Classroom Strategies, Inc. at